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Consumer Legal Forms

Consumer Legal Forms

Separate Pleadings


$99.00 USD/-

Motion To Set Aside A Default Judgment

In Pro Per – Junk Debt Buyer Forms

$99.00 USD/-

Verified Answer and Affirmative defenses (the most critical stage of your defense and will doom your possibility of winning if done incorrectly)

$399.00 USD/-

Plaintiff’s Motion to Dismiss, Plaintiff’s Motion for Summary Disposition, and Plaintiff motion for directed verdict, Plaintiff’s Response to Defendant’s motion for summary disposition.

$99.00 USD/-

Discovery – interrogatories, Requests to Produce.

$49.00 USD/-

Miscellaneous – debt buyer affidavits, transcripts and cases.

$19.00 USD/-

Credit dispute letter package w/instruction (an important part of disputing the debt)


Collection Defense Instructions

In Pro Per – Junk Debt Buyer Forms Package (all forms above included)

$499.00 USD/-

Junk Debt Buyer Forms Package – Includes all the forms listed above.

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Being Sued By A Debt Collector?

This guide provides general information for Michiganders who are facing debt collection lawsuits in the Michigan State civil courts. It does not apply to courts outside the state of Michigan. It is not a substitute for obtaining legal advice in your individual case.