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Free Resources For Debt Defense

Free Resources For Debt Defense

Here Are The Free Resources For Debt Defense

The contents of this free resources page is to help Michigan consumers negotiate their own debt defense settlements. This will help you bypass debt relief/collection companies (and their high fees), save you money, help you to avoid bankruptcy, and take control of your financial future.

As you see below, we have categorized several resources for you to access. Some of these files are in Adobe PDF and/or Microsoft Word format. No need to give us your e-mail to download them. Just right-click the file you want, and select “Save As…” or “Save Link As…” and save to a memorable place on your computer.

Debt Defense Resources Online

Information on how to set aside a default judgement

Debt Defense Law

askew v. cach
askew v. cach marked judges copy
Asset Acceptance Corporation v Robinson
Cole v. Mileti (6 yr SOL of MI)
Fisher S Ct cert – 491_Mich._914
Fisher Sand v Sweebe, Inc UCC 4 yr SOL auto
Great WI debt buyer decision for consumer – Palisades vs Kal
Great WI debt buyer decision for consumer – Palisades vs Kal (Marked)
LHR, Inc v Ayree
LVNV v. Trice
mcl 339.904 collector must be licensed
MCL 566.132 bank SOF
MCL 600.916 – UPL
MCR 2 503 Adjournments
MI case UnlawfulPracLaw
MI case UnPracLaw
MICHIGAN exemption
Michigan Legislature – Section 339.904
Occupational Code 299 of 1980
Opinion debt buyer Sag Cir Taylor Gregory[2]
Opinion debt buyer Sag Cir Taylor Gregory[2] (Marked)
Phillips v Daktronics – Unjust Enrich
Samanez – silence – account
UCC 4 yr SOL MCL 440.2725
6 yr SOL contract MCL 600.5807
acct stated mcl 600.2145

Legal Forms For Michigan Debt Defense

Motion for installment plan
Order for installment plan
Affidavit of exempt income for filing after judgement entered against defendant

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Debt Collection Articles

Being Sued By A Debt Collector?

This guide provides general information for Michiganders who are facing debt collection lawsuits in the Michigan State civil courts. It does not apply to courts outside the state of Michigan. It is not a substitute for obtaining legal advice in your individual case.